Appication Genaral Features

The application can be open­ed and used on any type of elec­tro­nic gad­get if there is an In­ter­net con­nec­tion and a brow­ser on the user's gad­get.
This application is a multi-plat­form appli­ca­tion, in other words, the appli­ca­tion runs on any ope­rat­ing sys­tem.
Low Internet traffic demand:
The app does not re­quire a high-speed In­ter­net con­nec­tion. When de­ve­lop­ing the appli­ca­tion, plug­ins, ex­ter­nal mo­dules and other si­mi­lar com­po­nents that con­sume a re­la­ti­ve­ly large amount of traf­fic were not used.
Lost connection app behavior:
The application does not stop exe­cut­ing in case of lost In­ter­net con­nec­tion. The app con­ti­nues to ope­rate with da­ta, which are al­ready load­ed. How­ever, if in this si­tu­a­tion you up­date the brow­ser win­dow, the appli­ca­tion da­ta will be lost and the appli­ca­tion will stop ope­rating.

Application Brief Description

The application contains 119 in­de­pen­dent win­dows and 64 in­ter­ac­tive exer­ci­ses. The mi­ni­mum num­ber of win­dows in the exer­cise is 3 pcs., the ma­xi­mum is 25 -30 win­dows. If we assume that on ave­rage there are 10 win­dows in the exer­cise, then the to­tal num­ber of win­dows in the appli­ca­tion is to be more than 750 win­dows.
In this appli­ca­tion, all teach­ing texts are voic­ed. The appli­ca­tion uses 69 au­dio tracks with a to­tal running time of more than 2 hours.
For the con­ve­nience of re­cog­ni­zing and un­der­stand­ing the teach­ing ma­te­rial, as well as for the con­venience of search­ing for con­cepts, terms and notions, the text of the sof­tware appli­ca­tion is di­vid­ed and re­pre­sen­ed with the help of a num­ber of types.
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