Application Text Types Description

The text types idea is so that the user can easily navigate the teaching text of the app. Any fragment of a teaching text should be presented in such a way that it is immediately clear to what type it belongs: to the header, physical law, definition, etc. The following types of text are represented in this app:

1) Headings
2) The most important app text
3) Terms and their definitions
4) Physical laws, concepts and important statements
5) Tables with the most important information
6) Pictures explaining or illustrating physical concepts
7) App teaching texts

1. There are three types of headings used:
- entire textbook page headers;
- page section headers;
- internal section headers.
Below are images of all three header types:

Заголовок 1 Fig. 1. Page header example
Заголовок 2 Fig. 2. Page section header example
Заголовок 3 Fig. 3. Page section header (crimson) and internal section header (black)
2. The most important app text is a small bold indigo font. This font is used to attract user attention to the main thoughts in app sections and pages, definition texts, as well as the most important concepts, notions and terms. Usage examples:

Важный текст Fig. 4. This is one of the most important section concepts
Определение Fig. 5. In all definitions, the text following the term is typed as the most important
Выделение термина Fig. 6. The "physical quantity" term is highlighted as the most important

3. A term is an exact designation of a certain concept. It is printed in small bold green font (the term font), whereas its definition is printed in small bold indigo font (the most important text font):

Определение Fig. 7. The "mechanical motion" term definition
Определение Fig. 8. Here, a physical formula is considered as a term, and the text gives the name of this formula

4. A physical law, thesis, or important statement is a text placed in a pink frame. For example:

Закон Fig. 9. Physical law presentation
Закон_2 Fig. 10. Important kinematic thesis presentation

5. Tables with the most important information are the ones with the information presentation in the most structured and concise form. Examples:

Таблица Fig. 11.This is the table with two internal headers and general formulas
Таблица_2 Fig. 12. This ia the table with the most important kinetic relationships

6. Pictures, that explain or illustrate kinetic concepts, notions and so on. Examples:

Мат_точка Fig. 13. Material point illustration (airplane, satellite)
Мат_точка_2 Fig. 14. Radius vector illustration

7. The application teaching text. This is the text of the application, which provides a source of educational information that is compulsory for students to study and master. The example:

Текст_Учебника Fig. 15. App text specimen
When above enlisted types are used to represent the app text, the text structure becomes clear to the user. Therefore, it is easy to understand which part of the text is necessary to study carefully and learn by heart. Definitions, laws, formulas, tables, notions and so on are the subject to memorize, and special attention should be paid to their study and understanding. Finding terms, the most important statements and notions becomes an easy task. The text types facilitate the study and use of the app text.
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