Общая химия ЧI

Brief Description

This soft-textbook (application) can be considered as a full-fledged manual, which, in comparison with the printed manual, has additional features
1) There are audio materials for each section of the application.
2) Each section, in addition to audio, has a structured text, which is located in a modal window and can be run simultaneously with the audio.
3) The online application is designed for use with the help of a smartphone or tablet.

How to use this audio application

1. Open the required section of the appli­ca­tion,
2. Start the audio of the se­lec­ted sec­tion.
3. Open the text of the sec­tion by click­ing the sec­tion ti­tle but­ton, which is lo­ca­ted di­rect­ly above the au­dio play­er on the left.
4. Lis­ten to the spea­ker voice and read the text of the sec­tion.
5. Please, note!! In this appli­ca­tion, not all the text is voic­ed by the speak­er. If you see that there is a * sign in front of the text, and the text it­self is ita­li­ci­zed, keep in mind that the speak­er does not voice this text!
*Атом систоит из яд­ра и элект­рон­ной обо­лоч­ки... - not voiced!!

We strongly recommend that you turn on auto-ro­ta­tion on your smart­phone if you are go­ing to read sec­tions with a lot of con­tent!

This kind of work can help you improve your au­di­tory and speech skills.

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